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Your on-line privacy and CC eXchange, LLC

Current issues regarding on-line privacy policies continue to be a primary concern for those who regularly use the Internet for their e-commerce services. CC eXchange, LLC (CCX) joins the market sharing those concerns with our business customers and our site visitors as well. The following privacy statement has been drafted to assure our website visitors their "customer identifiable" information is protected within a secure database that can be accessed by no one but you.

"Customer identifiable" information

"Customer identifiable" information includes but is not limited to your name, your address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and all other information specifically pertaining to you (and supplied by you) during your on-line activities. Respect for your customer identifiable information is paramount at CCX and we offer our personal commitment to you that we will not sell, trade, or otherwise release any personal information to a third party without first asking and gaining your consent. Our only exception to disclosing personal information we may have stored on our database is in response to court orders, subpoenas, warrants, or other legal directives.
We also reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying anyone who is suspect of using our services in a fraudulent or illegal manner.

Types of information collected by CCX

The types of services offered on our website necessitate much of the information submitted to and collected by CCX or its associated partners. Obviously, when applying for consumer or commercial credit with our associated lending institutions, this information must be collected in order to discern eligibility criteria and facilitate decisions pertaining to our customer's requests or applications. Again, all information submitted to CCX is retained on a secure server. In no way is this data accessible to anyone other than our associated financial institutions. This information is handled in the same manner as written documents you may have provided to lenders in the past. Our other promotional and value added services manage sensitive information under the same security guidelines employed by other Internet service providers.

CCX uses some limited information

Some information may be collected and used during your on-line visit to enable CCX to improve our services and make your visit with us a little more pleasurable. When tracking our traffic we may store date and time of your visit, your ISP and the Internet address of the site from where you originated. CCX will use this information to make improvements to our site as well as target our market shares. All other personal information you may be asked for during various promotional registrations while visiting our site may be used to gather aggregate information that is used for the same purposes.

Cookies and CCX

Because CCX operates in a very diverse business mode with links to various associated or partner sites, we must use cookies in order to operate and maintain our services in an efficient manner. Cookies are now used as an industry standard and employed by most every commercial site on the Internet. Cookies serve several essential purposes for CCX while at the same time making your visit to our site and our links much easier. Cookies are actually small data files that we write to your hard drive, which contains information, you have previously provided to CCX. For example, your user ID information containing passwords and preferences that will be helpful (sometimes necessary) the next time you visit with us. This saves you time by not being asked to regenerate the same information each time you return to use the business services. In addition, we may use cookies to track the pages and links one visits on our associated sites. Remember cookies are used as business tools and can not read data on your computer harddrive or otherwise compromise your privacy. Also any questions and/or comments are always welcome. We would very much like to have your input on how you think we might improve our site or our services.


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